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What My Clients Say

Julie is great! You won't be disappointed! This PT gives her 5 stars.

Lisa M.

Had a relaxing massage with Julie today. This is an adorable studio in the Tacoma Proctor district. Highly recommend a massage.

Stephanie M.

Julie is amazing! I've been having bad tension headaches that won't quit no matter what I did, so I booked a massage with Julie and I am much better already! My muscles were a mess. She has taken many steps to ensure your safety and hers while not diminishing the affects of the massage.
I felt safe.

Jennifer M.

I received a massage from Julie in November. I have a separated shoulder that has caused me pain for years. To limit the discomfort I get massages regularly. The one I received from Julie stands out from most. Her pressure and technique really helped to alleviate my shoulder discomfort. It was a great massage.

Eric R.

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